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My homepage is just a simple thing, just some links to interesting things I've done/been involved with. If you want to contact me and CBA to sign up at either of the below forums, there's a contact page there for you. Just leave your name and email with your message and I'll get back to you when I can.

You'll find me on both the Ultimate Boot CD forums and the Boot-Land forums as naebeth.

I'm pretty new to the multi-boot CD thing, but I've got a fair collection of successful UBCD integrations and have more planned - tutorials for all of these will be provided here as and when I get time.

Background Info

  • I'm from the UK.
  • I'm waiting on exams to get into university to get a BSc Hons in Web Development.
  • I enjoy mainly web-based tinkering, but do some Python stuff in my spare time.
  • I have some knowledge and experience with ActionScript 2.
  • I could probably put a PC together if I wanted to, but I don't especially enjoy hardware stuff.
  • That said, I do enjoy networking and hope to get some qualifications for it from uni or another course in the not-so-distant future.

Portfolio (of sorts)

I have a free hosting account set up to test my work, as PHP only works from a server, and have done a few projects.

WARNING: these are incredibly basic as they only do what the client needed them to do, and they weren't exactly high-profile clients.

Also note that these may not be accurate representations of the current sites as I may be called on to edit the working versions and I doubt I'll update my copies that often.

  • The Humber to The Wash - I made this for a teacher as part of my A-Level course where we were forced to make a website in Flash.
  • My Contributions to this site - possibly the most important entry on this list if you're reading it.