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<nowiki># = version number</nowiki>
<nowiki># = version number</nowiki>
== Online Method ==
<u>'''NOT'''</u> recommended for the ISO, will take too long to upload, but for other files if needed.
Online option for smaller files >1MB (you upload the file):

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This guide will help to confirm you have exact copies of UBCD ISO to prevent any problems later down the road. This should be your FIRST step before continuing with any other Tutorial regarding the ISO. Compare with Download Page MD5 Sum. The result should be an exact match with the MD5. If it doesn't match, re-download the ISO. If you would like to more information regarding Checksums/Hash sums please see the Wikipedia article.

NOTE: If after downloading the ISO several times from same location and the ISO still doesn't match, please report the Mirror on the Forums and try another location.


  • 1. Freeware programs: Hashcalc (Requires installation) or Checksum (No installation required). More options from this Softpedia list (Some freeware, may require installation).
  • 2. After installation, drag ISO onto program (or desktop shortcut) and it will auto generate the MD5 Sum.


Ubuntu and similar flavors:

  • 1. First open a terminal and goto the directory you downloaded the ISO into:
cd download_directory
  • 2. Then run the following command from within the download directory.
md5sum UBCD###.iso
  • 3. md5sum should then print out a single line after calculating the hash:

# = version number