Tutorials:Burning UBCD to Optical Disc

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You can take a look at UBCD FAQ's "How do I create the Ultimate Boot CD from the ISO image file?"

Here is a list of possible programs for ISO CD Burning.

Usually, CD burning problems can be avoided by some simple steps:

1. Check your downloads with checksums, like CRC, MD5, SHA-1 or similar Hash codes. Compare it with published checksums, so you are sure the file was downloaded correctly.

2. Temporarily deactivate power-savers modes, screensavers, and in laptops/notebooks/netbooks use AC power, not just the battery. Remember to go back to your previous power settings after finishing the burning job.

3. Use a low burning speed, even when your burner is capable of more. Commonly "standard" speeds that usually avoid troubles are 4x and 8x. The time consumed to burn just 1 CD (UBCD is about 300 MiB, as for 5.0.x versions) in 4x, instead of 48x, is meaningless if you can avoid "coasters".

There are more suggestions to avoid CD burning problems, but those are the basic ones.