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The follow tools are included in UBCD v4.1.1

CPU Tests

Name of Tool Version(s) Notes
CPU Burn-in v1.00 The Linux version which is included in UBCD is at V1.00. V1.01 applies to Windows only.
Mersenne Prime Test v23.5.2 Need to update Mersenne Prime Test boot disk to allow user to manually override the decision (based on automatic CPU detection) to run V23/V24. The original maintainer does not have time to do this, so if you are interested to help, please contact me directly.
StressCPU 24-Oct-05

Memory Tests

Name of Tool Version(s) Notes
Memtest86 v3.3
Memtest86+ v1.70
Windows Memory Diagnostic n/a
DocMem RAM Diagnostic v3.1beta
TestMem4 v4

Peripherals Tools

Name of Tool Version(s) Notes
Parallel port detection and test utilities v1.45
ATAPI CDROM Identification v2.22
CHZ Monitor-Test v1.01

CPU Information

Name of Tool Version(s) Notes
Intel Processor Frequency ID v7.2.20041115
Intel Processor Identification Utility v3.3.20061218
x86test v0.10a