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It seems you need some help

...which is odd, really, as its a pretty obvious website tbh.

But, nevertheless, I shall try to help you.

This Site

As the homepage says, this site is related to the Ultimate Boot CD. What it doesn't tell you is the actual purpose of this site. Rather than the distribution of UBCD, information about UBCD or pestering for donations, this site is designed for the compilation of tutorials. From simple things like extracting UBCD ready to customise, to a step-by-step guide to adding your favourite bootable diagnostic, repair or anti-infection CD, we aim to cover as many things as possible here.

And, what's more, you won't get the clutter of forums where lots of people post about similar problems which aren't quite what you're after or offer yet another method to achieve the results you want, but worded in ways only qualified UBCD masters would understand.

No sir! Here we simply offer what you need. No other users butting in with suggestions. No gaps for you to try fill in by yourself. Just good, old-fashioned tutorials to get you from A to happy. (Who really cares about B anyway?)

Where to start?

  • If it does sound like the kind of thing you need, go back to the website and scroll down to see if the tools you need are included by default.

Oh dear, that can't be true!

UBCD is missing a tool vital to your life?

You need to check out our list of tutorials, then, to see if the application you're trying to integrate has already been covered.

Eventually it won't come down to this, but if a tutorial doesn't exist contact anyone on this list and we'll see that it gets made for you. We'll probably even be happy to talk you through the process, or refer you to someone who can, while the tutorial is in development.

So you know what you're doing?

What do you need help with? Do you want to contribute to this Wiki?


Just make yourself an account via the link up top and get in touch with one of the admins to check the status of your proposition. If its not on the cards, they'll let you write it yourself. If its in development they'll put you in touch with the writer to see how you can help.

Hold on a sec, is that WAREZ?!?! Leave. Just leave. We don't like your kind here. Legit stuff only, please.

Oh, and regardless of the legality of the application you're integrating - make sure the contents of your tutorial is your original work, or that you have permission of the creator/owner to distribute it! Anything on here is legally re-distributable and so we can only include content that is already of that nature, or you don't mind your work being of that nature. Otherwise, we'll treat you like the Warez guy.

And we're done here...

That should cover just about any problem you have. If you're still confused, I think its best to assume you got here by accident and you may as well click the Home button of your browser and forget you saw anything. Or contact someone to help sort you out. Or go to the forums and lurk around there for a while.